Who We Are

Our Mission

  The Mission of the Addison Legacy Foundation is to provide funding for projects and philanthropic initiatives that enhance the quality of life for those who live in, work in, or visit the Town of Addison.


  The Addison Legacy Foundation was established in 2012 to provide a way for individuals, families, and organizations to make tax-deductible contributions to benefit Addison. The Foundation was created in response to residents, visitors, and businesses that had expressed a desire to say Thank You to the Town through charitable donations.

  Before the Foundation was put in place, a framework for tax-deductible donations was lacking for someone who wanted to say Thank You, for example to the Fire or Police Department for exceptional service, or when someone wanted to donate equipment or sponsor an event.

  Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As such, the Foundation can leverage CFT’s record keeping, investment, and compliance expertise. 

  Now that this organization is in place, there are several ways the Foundation can help you give back to Addison.